Well, a while back I said that I was going to blog my progress during training for the Chicago marathon.  While I haven’t been the most faithful blogger, I have, in fact, been training.

With less than 30 days left to train I have a couple long runs to complete, and then I taper off into a mental prep for the beating that is the Chicago Marathon.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to attempt an 18 mile run in Hoffman Estates.  I’ve learned quite a bit over the past few months about myself, how my body works and how to make it work as efficiently as possible, as well as its weaknesses.  I’m going to try to blog at least once a day for the next 30 days about my experiences leading up to this point.

The big take away from all of this is that I’m running the Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision to help bring clean water to those in need.  I’d love for you to support me in this cause.  If you feel like this is a cause you would like to join up with, please head over to my donation page, and get your name put up on the wall of awesome.  Thanks so much, and stay tuned.




Hi folks,

I’m starting a huge endeavor as of today.  I’ve signed up for the Bank of America Marathon in Chicago.  “To volunteer,” you ask? “Perchance to help facilitate?” No, this October I plan to actually cross the start line and the finish line – 26.2 away from the start line – at a semi-running pace.

“Holy Schnikes! Why?”

First, I’m not getting any younger.  I’ve embraced my male-pattern baldness, come to grips that my chin beard grows in gray, and acknowledged that my knees will always make funny noises from here on out.  However, when I put that all together I realize that I only have a few years left to cross out “finish a marathon at a running pace” from the bucket list. (Incidentally, this item is located on the list between “correct Neil Degrasse Tyson on something trivial” and “Beat the Man Vs. Food guy at a guacamole eating contest.”)

Second, it’s an opportunity to do something good for a cause that I actually feel pretty strongly about.  “The National Committee to Make Pluto a Planet Again?” No.  Clean water for people that don’t have access to it.  I’ll be posting more on why this is a very real problem for so many people in the world.  In the mean time, I’d like to point out that I’ll be running with Team World Vision to raise money for this cause.  This blog will be a periodic update on my training, my support raising, and anything else that’s pertinent.  If you’d like to donate, please click the link below:

My Support Page

If you donate, I’ll post a funny story about us, which may or may not be true, and post it on here and on facebook.

Thanks, and check back often.